Our program includes 4 hours daily: 
  • Meditation in a sitting position, Buddhist ZEN practices.
  • Tai chi for beginners with slow flowing movements (forms), Practice on the style of Shaolin Monks.
  • Qigong powerful exercises to cultivate our internal energy.
  • Energy balance, to reduce stress and remove negative emotions.

For small groups of 6 people & below, we can organize custom days. The duration must be more than 4 days.
Max capacity 12 persons

     Who is this program for?

This 5 days /4 nights residential program is designed for people of all fitness levels and are over 18 years of age.

     Daily schedule

  • 2 hours per day at sunrise with meditation and tai chi
  • Breakfast
  • 13:00-14:30 – group discussions
  • 2 hours per day before and during sunset with qigong and meditation 

     Program dates

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