It is widely known that there are places on earth distinguished for their strong energy fields. Ιt is no coincidence that people chose those locations to built churches and worship areas depending on their religion.  

Meditate and perform tai chi excercises in these places, can bring  instant results, due to the high concentration of energy. They become an effective multiplier of energy and accelerate the benefits of meditation and tai chi practice.

Delos island is one of these places, located in Greece and is concidered as one the most sacred places in ancient times. Mykonos is also a place with a lively beat, no wonder why it is so popular holiday destination.

     Delos. The divine island of ancient Greece

Delos is one of the most important mythological and historical sites in Greece and a cultural world heritage. The island is no longer inhabited as it is major archaeological site. The excavations are among the most extensive in the Mediterranean. 

According to the myth, Delos is the birthplace of Apollon, the god of Music and Harmony, Sun and Light and the island was considered as holy sanctuary, that even birth and death were prohibited. Scientists argue that the island concentrates huge amount of light. It has a long history and is full of impressive monumental antiquities. 

Delos is an enchanting place where the natural light feels beautiful, different and mystical, with an increadible energy that overwhelms its guests.

     Mykonos. The cosmopolitan island with the vivid life

Mykonos alongside with Santorini are the most famous islands of Cyclades. It is a jewel of Greece with its mesmerizing quaint beauty and sunlight surrounded. 

The island is famous for so many of its characteristics, that words are not enough to describe: its cosmopolitan character, vivid nightlife, dreamy sandy beaches, traditional architecture, colourful small shops, narrow streets,  whitewashed steps lanes and an authentic positive energy that deluges its guests from the first moment they arrive. 
Mykonos is an unforgettable experience for all.

     Meditation and Tai Chi in Mykonos

The exquisite Horizon luxury villa is the perfect scenery to meditate and perform tai chi forms as it is built in an ideal location in Mykonos, right across the island of Delos.
At the time of sunset, the sun is shining on the horizon just behind the island of Delos and the atmosphere is magic.

Let the tranquil energy of Delos surround you and savor the magnificent experience of meditation and traditional Tai Chi & Qigong, in one of the most energy places of the planet! 
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