Our Instructors

     Ioannis (John) Kostopoulos

Shifu Shi Hang Ya [chinese .: shìhéngyá 释恒雅]  was born in Athens in 1968 as Ioannis (John) Kostopoulos. He has a validated genealogical tree in Shaolin (35th Shaolin generation). 

At the early age of 15 years, he started the journey of self exploration and over the years he attended numerous seminars and studied various programs od internal search and guiding.

An indicative list is below:
  • SILVA METHOD Basic Seminar 
  • SILVA METHOD 5 specialized seminars 
  • FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on "Mind Power" with participation of Jose Silva, Uri Geller, Cleave Baxter, Robert Stone, Powell Tag, Rosa Rivas and Burt Goldman
  • Four years of training in inner mystical teaching of Sufi
  • Participation in many groups of OSHO seminars

He is been recognized as Master from Greek Shaolin Cultural Center (the official representative of the Shaolin Temple of Songshan in Greece) with extensive experience in teaching internal Chinese philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and Meditation.

In 2013 his school "Red Phoenix", received a formal invitation from the Songshan Shaolin Temple, became a founding member of the Shaolin Europe Association (SEA) e.V. and accepted by the Songshan Shaolin Temple Henan / China to circulate the authentic Shaolin culture.

In July 2015, he was officially certified by the Luoyang State Chinese Wushu Academy for adequacy teaching in traditional Tai Chi Chuan, Shaolin Rou Quan (the original form of Tai Chi as taught in the Shaolin monastery in China) with  Degree Certification Number: 20051017. He has received with great honor the special board certification of the assessment committee.

In March 2016, he receives another certification from Changchun Wushu Culture Research Center [长春 经开 国学 武道研究会]  with registration number: 20160310005 as Shaolin Chuan Master [Chinese.: Shàolínquán 少林拳]

     Agni Saliari & Elena Saliari

They are both personal students of Shifu John Kostopoulos and through him, students of Shifu Shi Yan Juo [chinese .: shì yánzhuō 释 延 卓], founder of Greek Shaolin Cultural Center and official representative of Shaolin in Greece.
They are recognized as Masters from Greek Shaolin Cultural Center, with experience in teaching Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and Meditation.

They started their inner search through Osho teachings, while Agni also spent some time training in inner mystical teaching of Sufi. After years of training, they realized the importance of Tai Chi in daily life  and devoted completely at tai chi and meditation.

During their training, they attended Shaolin Tai Chi Chuan lessons, Chin na [ chinese .: qínná 擒拿], Qigong [chinese .: qìgōng 气功], Baduanjin qigong [ chinese .: bāduànjǐn八段 锦] and Baji Quan [ chinese .: Bājíquán 八極拳]. 
Agni also took training lessons in  Shaolin Kung Fu [Κιν.: shàolín gōngfu 少林功夫].

In September 2015 took part in the first official certification - Teacher evaluation of Shaolin Tai Chi under the auspices of Greek Shaolin Cultural Center and were officially certified as Teachers.

In March 2016, they received another certification from Changchun Wushu Culture Research Center [长春 经开 国学 武道研究会]: 
Agni Saliari received the registration number 20160323001 as Shaolinchuan Qoach [Chinese.: Shàolínquán 少林拳], 
Elena Saliari received the registration number 201603230010 as Shaolinchuan Qoach [Chinese.: Shàolínquán 少林拳]
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